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Care & Creation in the Daily Life
A Presentation by the JPIC Animators
from St. Clare of Assisi Fraternity in Coquitlam & St. Anthony of Padua in Richmond, BC

There are two options to access the information in this presentation.

1. Watch the 16 minute video by clicking the > in the movie screen at lower-left. Click on the pause symbol if you need more time to read the text. The video includes 4 movies which take 11 minutes to view. (The slide images take up the remaining 5 minutes.) These videos cannot be accessed in Slide Groups 1 & 2.

2. If you want more time to study the text slides, another option is to access the slides in Groups 1 & 2. Click on any slide to get a larger image. Click on > and < to move forward and back. A reminder that the four movies (slides with a green background) cannot be viewed using option 2.

Slide Group 1

Slide Group 2