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Link to "The Franciscan Voice Canada (FVC) Website"

"The Franciscan Voice Canada (FVC) website is a Justice Peace and the Integrity of Creation initiative of the National JPIC Commission (English Sector) of the National Fraternity of Canada of the Ordo Franciscanus Sæcularis (OFS - Secular Franciscan Order). FVC evolved from the National JPIC Action Plan 2012 and a suggestion by the National Minister for a JPIC Newsletter.

It is responsive to the National Council, but administered by the English Sector Regional JPIC Directors and their Committees.  Its content is in accord with the OFS Rule, General Constitutions, National Statutes of Canada, Franciscan Family and Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops JPIC initiatives etc."

An image of the Home page of the Franciscan Voice Canada (FVC) website is displayed below. To go directly to the Home page, click on this link: