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Ongoing Formation

After profession of the Rule and permanent commitment to the gospel way of life, newly professed members of the Secular Franciscan Order join the rest of the fraternity in ongoing formation. Ongoing formation is a continual process in the individual of maturation in faith and a likening to Christ, according to the will of the God, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

“Franciscan formation is based on a personal encounter with the Lord, and begins with the call of God and the individual’s decision to walk with Saint Francis in the footsteps of the poor and crucified Christ as His disciple under the action of the Holy Spirit.

Franciscan formation is a continuous process of growth and conversion involving the whole of a person’s life, called to develop his or her own particular human, Christian and Franciscan dimensions, radically living the Holy Gospel, in the spirit of prayer and devotion, in fraternity and minority.

The following of Jesus Christ in the manner of St Francis leads us to commit ourselves to the Church and with her to place ourselves at the service of the men and women of our time as messengers of reconciliation and peace.” TRILLIUM REGIONAL FRATERNITY WEBSITE